Wanna play a game…?

So a lot of people are surprised that I don’t play video games. I had the original Nintendo when I was a child but haven’t played anything since then.

“But…” they tell me,  “you’re exactly the type of girl who plays video games.”  I try explaining to them that I don’t play video games for the exact same reason I don’t do heroin and usually just get blank stares.

Anyway, a friend of mine decided he wanted someone to talk to about *his* video games and got me an xbox 360 as well as my very first game: Skyrim.

I took the time to do absolutely no research and read nothing at all about the game before playing it.

As payback, I’ve decided to post what goes through my head as I’m playing my first video game in 20-30 years. Wish me luck…?

Skyrim Posts:

Skyrim: The adventure begins! 

Skyrim: John Connor will save me

Skyrim: Swan Dive

Skyrim: You’re getting awfully judgey, Screen.

Skyrim: Welcome to Riverwood

Skyrim: Is everyone like this?

Skyrim: The road to Whiterun

Skyrim: No one’s ever given me a girl before…

Skyrim: Lydia the Psychopath

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